Our People


Thomas Nelson, President & Founder


Thomas, Nelson, President and Founder, Capay Valley Farm Shop

Thomas arrived in the Capay Valley some decades ago with a hankering to farm. Between short stints at diversified, organic farms, he realized his passions and skills for sustainable food systems were best applied to projects and organizations that build community and connect people through local food — leaving the growing of plants to his heroes, the farmers who feed us all. Thomas started Capay Valley Farm Shop as a shared community venture to connect local farmers and ranchers to regional customers, supporting agriculture in this amazing slice of Northern California.

Alexis Robertson, Sales manager


Alexis Robertson, Sales Manager, Capay Valley Farm Shop

Alexis is the customer point of contact for the Capay Valley Farm Shop in her role as Sales Manager. She enjoys being a link between the kitchens we serve and our partner farms. Alexis graduated from the UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies and with a Masters degree from UC Davis in Soils and Biogeochemistry. She initially became passionate about local and sustainable food systems during her time in Santa Cruz where she was involved with the university's ecological farming program and other local small farms. Her knowledge and passion for sustainable agricultural systems have led to her start Skyelark Ranch along with her husband and daughter, where they raise grass based livestock. Alexis brings a unique perspective to our team as a partner ranch and a member of our team.

Reanna Zenter, Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Reanna Zenter, Assistant Operations Manager, Capay Valley Farm Shop

Reanna was born and raised in the Capay Valley. Reanna's love of animals and outdoor activities, her belief in living in partnership and coexisting with all aspects of the natural world, and a desire to work outside resulted in employment on farms and ranches in the region. A desire to apply her strong work ethic to creating a sustainable food system and making healthy foods available to be enjoyed by all led Reanna to Capay Valley Farm Shop. As a devoted single mother and pet keeper, she enjoys participating in the many community events that make the valley an exceptional place to live and raise a family.

Tracy Harding, General Manager


Tracy Harding, General Manager, Capay Valley Farm Shop

Tracy is Capay Valley Farm Shop's first general manager and is thrilled to be working in a thriving rural food hub with agricultural producers who have been at the leading edge of organic agriculture. Farm Shop’s mission is well aligned with her more than 20 years experience in the local food movement. Tracy is dedicated to expanding stable marketplace opportunities for producers to impact the health of their businesses, their communities, and the environment. She has worked on farms, established farmers markets, provided marketing consultation for farm businesses, and had a hand in state and federal legislation to improve school food. Formerly a member of the Oregon State University Extension Small Farms team, she shared her knowledge of food safety protocols and business planning with farmers. Tracy graduated from the University of Vermont Food Hub Management Certificate program in 2016 and is a member of the program’s advisory committee.

Nicole Peronto, Purchasing Manager & AR/AP Specialist


Nicole Peronto, Purchasing Manager and AR/AP Specialist

Nikki's love affair with produce began one sultry night in Pismo Beach. The tide was going out, and she walked slowly down through the wet sand toward the moonlit water followed only by the melodic strains of street performers arguing over a piece of chicken. There, ankle deep in the life-giving ocean, she spied a lonely rutabaga gazing longingly at the waves as though searching for lost truths in the infinite sea. Struck by the poetry of the moment, she impulsively invited the rutabaga to a small cafe, and over a bottle of wine they cemented their spiritual bond. Now, years later, Nikki works tirelessly to help other lonely vegetables find companionship and community in some of the finest kitchens the Bay Area has to offer.

Sergio Padilla

Sergio Padilla, Capay Valley Farm Shop

Sergio is a senior at Esparto High School, he was born and raised in Woodland. He loves to be outdoors — fishing, camping, riding quads, playing soccer, and going to the farms in the valley to pick up produce for our Bay Area customers! Sergio loves the accomplishment of building pallets for delivery to customers and the smell of all that fresh organic produce when the trucks are full.


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