Spreadwing Farm



Spreadwing Farm is located in the small town of Rumsey at the top of the Capay Valley and the base of Cache Creek Canyon. Cathy Suematsu and Michael G. Smith with Liz Schroeder and Brent Levin grow most of the vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, and eggs consumed by the two families and their farm workers. The farm also produces for direct sales at farmers markets and wholesale through the Capay Valley Farm Shop. You'll see Spreadwing Farm apricots, peaches, pluots, black mission figs, okra, peppers, and other vegetables on the Farm Shop availability lists for delivery to Bay Area businesses. The farmers at Spreadwing Farm love growing food, they believe that healthy food makes healthy people, and that mindful and loving stewardship of the soil, animals, and plants is the basis of sustainable food production.

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