Hearty Fork Farm



Hearty Fork Farm is a 2-acre, certified organic, mixed vegetable operation, located in Davis, CA. The farmer, Jason Cuff, honed his skills in the onion fields and berry patches of the Willamette Valley in Oregon as a youngster. In 2013, he attended the California Farm Academy at the Center for Land-Based Learning in Winters. From there he established Hearty Fork and has been providing the local community with unique, high-quality organic produce at several farmers’ markets and other outlets throughout Sacramento. With low-till farming methods and a focus on soil building, the mission of the farm is to bring the heart of organic goodness to the families and kitchens of their friends and neighbors. Hearty Fork began their relationship with Capay Valley Farm Shop in 2017 by supplying blackberries and winter squash and will continue to share their abundant harvests with you.

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Photo: Jason Rogers