Full Belly Farm



Full Belly Farm is a certified organic, multigenerational farm founded in 1985. We enjoy cooking, eating, growing, harvesting, and selling fruits, nuts, and vegetables year round. We also grow beautiful flowers and top off our activities caring for a herd of sheep and a flock of chickens. We make every effort to foster sustainability on many levels — from fertility in our soil and care for the environment, to creating a stable and respectful workplace for our employees. In addition to sales of our produce to the Farm Shop, we attend farmers markets and have a CSA program. We often invite our CSA members and customers to the farm and offer numerous events for people who want to learn more about organic agriculture and the farmers that grow their food. We have worked with the Capay Valley Farm Shop since its inception, proud to be part of our joint mission to invigorate the agricultural economy and build the social well-being of the small communities in this valley.

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