Durst Organic Growers



Durst Organic Growers is a mid-sized, organic farm located in Esparto, California founded by Jim and Deborah Durst. For the Dursts, farming organically is a way of life that emphasizes building healthy soils and a strong farm ecosystem as much as caring for their employees and the local community. In fact, care of neighbor and community is the very cornerstone of their ethic. Many of their farm decisions over the past 30 years have been made with these values mind.

Their organic practices, developed over years of experience, allow them to harness the flavors of sunshine, clean water, and living soils to grow nutrient-dense produce. From burying their drip tape for water conservation to planting hedgerows to attract beneficial insects, they constantly strive to strengthen their system with a holistic approach. In addition to being stewards of their land, Jim and Deborah believe it is their responsibility to provide a safe working place for their employees where they feel supported and appreciated. They believe true sustainability in farming is only achieved when both land and people are healthy and balanced.

You can find a variety of Durst organic produce in neighborhood markets throughout the west coast and beyond: asparagus, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, mixed melons, watermelons, and winter squash. All produce is grown in organically certified soils, harvested at the peak of flavor, and packed on site with care.

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