Dogtown Farm



Owned by Matt & Roberta Trask, Dogtown Farm is an organic pomegranate farm in the beautiful Capay Valley. We have been selling our harvest through the Capay Valley Farm Shop since 2013 and love what they do! We started the orchard in 2011, using drip irrigation and the no-till method to minimize water use and soil disturbance. Because pomegranates are naturally resistant to pests, we do not need or use pesticides or herbicides. We fertilize only with organic compost and have seen our productivity increase by nurturing and mowing a variety of ground cover plants. We expanded the orchard in 2015 and will expand again in the winter of 2018-2019, we expect to have increased availability for the next several years! We harvest in October and November and use cold storage to extend our availability into the spring months. We think we have the best pomegranates anywhere!

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